Cannabis Workshop

Create with cannabis to nurture wellbeing. An introductory workshop exploring the nature of cannabis, uses and benefits, growing and harvesting, and first-aid remedy making. A practical 1-day workshop for you, your family and your pets. Cost includes herbal seeds, compots and soil, first-aid skin remedy, learning materials, manual, online access, and a vegan lunch and teas. Facilitated by a Cape bush doctor, phytotherapy practitioner, medical doctor, psychologist & veterinarian.


Spend a day with other caring, curious and creative human beings learning about Cannabis. For the general public, this practical workshop introduces the basics of creating with cannabis to nurture your wellbeing, and that of your family. The workshop adopts an integrative approach presenting both the ancient wisdom and modern science of Cannabis. Topics include history, traditional use, latest research, chemistry, benefits, cautions, legal status, cultivation and first-aid remedy making. The workshop is for adults only, and no previous experience of herbs or cannabis is required. Facilitated by a Cape bush doctor, phytotherapy practitioner, medical doctor, psychologist & veterinarian, sharing their knowledge, expertise and experience.


I thoroughly enjoyed the day on Saturday!  Everything was just perfect.  ~ Sandra Boer

Awesome time, awesome course and food. ~ Leon Goodman

What a recharging and happy day it was. Plants are all I have on the brain right now. ~ Manda Matthaei

Thank you so much for a very informative and fun day. ~ Lisa Mari

The workshop was GREAT!!! ~ Yvonne de Kock

An extremely educational, enlightening, constructive and absorbing day. And in addition very, very enjoyable. ~ Daphne Bradbury


This is an introductory herbal workshop for the general public. No previous experience of herbs or herbal medicine is required. Attendees must be 18 yrs or older.


After the workshop, attendees will take home:

  • five herbal seeds, planted in biodegradable compots to begin the journey.
  • a first-aid herbal skin oil made by you and suitable for a range of minor skin problems.
  • a greater awareness of the nature and qualities of cannabis and her role in nurturing wellbeing.
  • a deeper valuing of the history and traditional perspectives of cannabis as plant medicine, fibre source, and food.
  • a better understanding of the healing qualities and primary chemical constituents of cannabis – their actions, interactions, and effects on the body and mind.
  • a critical appreciation of the potential benefits and harms associated with the use, cultivation and commodification of cannabis.
  • clarity on the current legal status of cannabis and cannabis-containing products and the implications for personal use and trade and industry.
  • the knowledge and skills required to grow and harvest Cannabis ethically and sustainably. 
  • the knowledge, skills and recipes to create simple cannabis first-aid remedies, beverages and foodstuffs for yourself, your family, and pets.
  • a growing interest in creating with herbs to nurture wellbeing. 

Dr Kora Brian Damonse
Kora is a Traditional Herbalist, Cape Bush Doctor and Rastafarian. He is a member of the Interim Traditional Health Practitioners Council of South Africa, and the Chairperson of the subcommittee on Registration, Accreditation and Education of Traditional Healer Practitioners of South Africa. He serves as Secretary for the Western Cape People and Parks Steering Committee. He is a founding member of the Cape Bush Doctor NPO and serves currently as co-director and chairperson of the organisation. He is currently involved with the University of Stellenbosch Botanical Garden, giving guided tours and consultant on the propagation and management of indigenous medicinal plants in the garden.

Dr Craig Wright 
Craig completed a Master’s Degree in Homeopathy at Technikon Natal in 1999, where he lectured and practised before moving to the UK in that year. He practiced in Central London and in Essex, and lectured a variety of homeopathic and medical subjects at homeopathic colleges. He furthered his studies by obtaining a postgraduate diploma from the Dynamis School for Advanced Homeopathic Studies and completed a PG Dip and MSc in Herbal Medicine at the Scottish School of Herbal Medicine and University of Wales, where he coordinated and taught on the Master’s programme. Craig returned to South Africa in 2009 and is now practicing homeopathy and phytotherapy in Claremont, Cape Town.  Craig is particularly interested in learning about and developing a personal relationship with South African medicinal plants and incorporating them into clinical practice.

Dr Gaynor Grace
Dr Gaynor Grace is a medical doctor with an interest in herbal medicine. She completed a BSc in Agriculture at the University of Stellenbosch and went on to train in permaculture. She then completed her MBBCh at the University of the Witwatersrand as well as pursuing post-graduate studies in child health and in family medicine. She currently works in general practice in both the private and public sector. She loves plants and helping people to heal, and hopes to combine the two interests by studying further in herbal medicine.

Cara Harris
Cara graduated as a Neuropsychologist from the University of Cape Town – where she lectured and tutored Health Psychology. In 2006 she moved to the UK to work and study at the Natural Animal Centre, a specialist animal education centre which combined her interest in Psychology with her passion for animals. Cara undertook training as an animal behavioural scientist, lectured the equine and canine behaviour qualifications. At the end of 2008 she returned to South Africa with a dream of making the science of animal behaviour and welfare accessible to all. Cara’s approach is to empower animal owners by explaining the science of animal behaviour and offering practical solutions to positively influence the lives of animal and owner. Her compassionate, holistic and scientific approach to solving behavioural problems helps ensure the physical and emotional wellbeing of animals.

Dr Jimmy Symmonds
Jimmy graduated with a BSc in Zoology from the University of Cape Town, and then qualified in veterinary medicine at Onderstepoort, University of Pretoria. He undertook further training in veterinary herbal medicine, initially Chinese and then Western European herbal medicine while in the UK. While in the UK, Jimmy developed and facilitated CE training for vets in herbal medicine. He returned to Cape Town where he was born, and in 2010 co-founded Happiness Is with Cara Harris. For the last 8 years Jimmy has focused on the indigenous South African herbs, in particular those of the Cape. Jimmy also serves as independent veterinarian for UCT’s senate animal ethics committee.  He encourages a natural, common-sense approach to health and wellbeing – a synthesis of modern science and ancient wisdom, grounded in an awareness of our true nature.


8:00 – Register
9:00 – Session 1
11:00 – Tea Break
11:30 – Session 2
13:00 – Lunch Break
14:00 – Session 3
16:00 – Ends


HAPPY SPACE, a wellbeing collaboratory in the Mother City, Cape Town, South Africa.


R750 – Seeds, compots and soil, first-aid skin remedy, learning materials, manual, online access, and a vegan lunch and teas are included. See Dates & Tickets below to book your place.

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