Cannabis Workshop

Explore the nature of cannabis, uses and benefits, growing and harvesting, and first-aid remedy making. A practical 1-day workshop for you, your family and your pets. Create with cannabis to nurture wellbeing.


Spend a day with other curious and creative human beings learning about Cannabis. For the general public, this workshop introduces the fundamentals of healing and herbalism, and the basics of nurturing wellbeing with Cannabis. This workshop adopts a practical, integrative approach presenting both the ancient wisdom and modern science of Cannabis, the healing herb. Facilitated by professional herbalists sharing their knowledge, expertise and experience.


This is an introductory workshop for the general public. No previous experience of herbs or herbal medicine is required. 

  • a greater awareness of the nature and qualities of Cannabis and her role in nurturing wellbeing.
  • a deeper valuing of the history and traditional use of cannabis as plant medicine, fibre source, and food.
  • a better understanding of the healing qualities and primary chemical constituents of Cannabis – their actions, interactions, and effects on the body and mind.
  • a critical appreciation of the potential harms associated with the use, cultivation and commodification of Cannabis.
  • the knowledge and skills required to grow and harvest Cannabis ethically, sustainably. 
  • the knowledge, skills to create simple Cannabis first-aid remedies, beverages and foodstuffs for yourself, your family, and pets.
  • a growing interest in creating with herbs to nurture wellbeing. 

!Kora Brian Damonse
Jimmy Symmonds


8:00 – Register
9:00 – Session 1
11:00 – Tea Break
11:30 – Session 2
13:00 – Lunch Break
14:00 – Session 3
16:00 – Ends


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